Our impulse arises in response to a cry from the heart that comes from everyone diagnosed as having Cancer or any other life-threatening or degenerative disease. 'What can I do to help myself?


An awareness of the importance of taking responsibility for one's own health is a fundamental message of the Springhill Centres. It is in fact an integral part of the curative process.


Our guidance aims to aid people who can best help themselves by understanding how to maintain a healthy Immune System and Healthier Altitudes to Life.


It is clear from the present state of knowledge of how immune responses operate, that a person has a certain amount of responsibility for his or health breakdown, through faulty lifestyles, poor nutrition and, often, from an inability to handle stress. Ways of side-tracking the ill effects of stress, and the steps necessary to maintain health through efficient immune responses, are suggested. Appropriate knowledge is indeed life-enhancing.


We are attempting to provide the scientific background to the important physical processes involved in maintaining health in as simple a manner as possible, so that everyone concerned - and that must include carers, family and friends of the patient too - can understand the reasons for a certain lifestyle or procedures to be adopted once illness takes hold.

The philosophy of care which underpins the therapeutic endeavours of The Centres has its foundation in the teachings of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner and his later followers who diversified into more specialised areas of Health Care and Education.


It is useful to consider the role of doctors, healers or carers as privileged friends of the sick. Ever since the Centres opened their doors to patients, their families and friends, a number of individuals whose lives have been dedicated to the healing ministry have been part of the daily round of caring and sharing.  In the true spirit of fellowship everyone comes in order to instil the atmosphere of our places with a greater faith, hope, peace and unconditional love.


Some use healing touch, others the healing properties of essential oils, others music, art, sounds or colour; some care for the gardens or cook wonderful meals; others provide the wisdom of many years of life experience and utter the words that soothe and heal. What is a Healer but a Friend whose touch, whose words, whose deeds are an expression of the symphony of a universal order which knows no frontiers?










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