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Immediate Plan

Our impulse arises in response to a cry from the heart that comes from everyone diagnosed as having any life-threatening or degenerative disease. 'What can I do to help myself?


An awareness of the importance of taking responsibility for one's own health is fundamental. It is in fact an integral part of the curative process.


Our guidance aims to aid people who can best help themselves by understanding how to maintain a healthy Immune System and Healthier Attitudes to Life.


It is clear from the present state of knowledge of how immune responses operate, that a person has a certain amount of responsibility for his or her health breakdown, through faulty lifestyles, poor nutrition and, often, from an inability to handle stress.

 We are attempting to provide the scientific background to the important physical processes involved in maintaining health in as simple a manner as posible.


In the true spirit of fellowship everyone comes in order to help instil an atmosphere of greater faith, hope, peace and unconditional love. What is a Healer but a Friend whose  touch, whose words, and whose deeds are an expression of the symphony of a universal order which knows no frontiers?

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