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THE ECOLOGY OF HEALTH Charles Darwin's early idea of evolution through survival of the fittest is still the predominant dogma that underlies the conventional wisdom regarding nature. The forefront of the current science of biology paints a totally different picture. Micro-life, which preceded the appearance of Homo Sapiens by billions of years, we now know to be performing an integrated networking within every life form including all plants, animals and our own physical bodies. Recent books such as Entangled Life by Melvin Sheldrake illustrate clearly that the complex interactions between different forms of microbes are facilitating a cooperation to ensure that life is expressed to the maximum within the constraints of all types of diverse environments. Only in the last few decades has it become possible to study the micro-life that is intrinsic to the human being. The number of cells of the microbes that co-habit us is vastly superior to that of our own cells. The microbiome is now understood to be essential to our health. It is still an exciting mystery as to exactly how the various microbes seem to act like instruments in an orchestra to bring about the harmony that we experience as vital health. The microbiome in our intestinal tract not only predigests food components but also manufactures essential nutrients when conditions are favourable. There is even a suggestion that they may be able to transmute elements for our (mutual) benefit! Our increasing understanding of what make those conditions favourable will be key to our health. Our ability to resist a disequilibrium caused by the intrusion of some agressive microbe (whether bacteria, virus or other) is dependant on our overall functional harmony. The immune system has several components including an important part played by the gut microbiome. We see that the vast majority of the population are little or not atall affected by an agressive virus such as Covid 19. They are either asymptomatic or only suffer mild symptoms for a short time. The danger of our health-care facilities becoming overwhelmed is because of the huge numbers of people who have dysfunctional immune systems due to erroneous eating and life-style habits. Our health is the responsibility of each and all of us. If we understand we must share our knowledge. The still predominant idea that microbes are our enemies is a hangover from the notion that the essence of Nature is a battleground. There is dawning an era when we will understand more clearly that love is not some vague aspect of emotion but is manifest in the intricate workings of the universe. We may never fully comprehend those intricacies but we can with humility keep seeking the next questions in a spirit of wonderment. With such wisdom we will become immune to the greedy exploitation of ignorance by those profitting through selling us temporary forms of assistance. It is imperative that we reach a point when a significant proportion of the population are aligned with essence of the new era.

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