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PortManteau. Zipf's law and any distribution can be used to model word frequency. It also provides a reasonable qualitative description of technology diffusion. Two -coloured rapid prototype methods: the pre-enriched hydrosol method and the powder-hydrosol-aqueous alcohol method. First, there is a very low number of 2-coloured rapid prototyping methods as there is only a few commercially available 2-coloured materials. A single point imaging technique is applied. The film thickness and roughness as a function of process variables were studied by scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The in situ atomic-force-microscopy (AFM) studies of the nanostructure and topography revealed that the fabrication of gold nanorods on polyelectrolyte-modified nano-structured aluminum exhibited a'monolayer-on-monolayer' behavior. That is to say, a layer of polymer was formed first on the surface of the aluminum and then a AuNR layer was created over the polymer layer. These results indicated that the process of polyelectrolyte adsorption may play an important role in the morphology of the films. Nanometer roughness was found to be associated with a large surface energy difference between the substrate and the top oxide layer. This also explains the unique stability of the AuNR film against water. The wetting properties of the polymer-coated aluminum foil were greatly enhanced by the polyelectrolyte adsorption. Such results are important in the creation of new types of electronic, optoelectronic, and nanotechnology devices. Phenol-formaldehyde and dicyandiamide-formaldehyde binder were successfully used in sand casting process. Theoretical analysis showed that the variation of rheological property of slurry with mixing sequence affected the dimension and the mechanical strength of the metal matrix. Moreover, the soaking time affected the mechanical properties and the dimensional stability of the samples. In addition, a series of experiments were conducted to investigate the relationships between the rheological property of slurry, the dimensional stability and the mechanical properties of the obtained samples. The experimental results indicated that a 2 hr isopropyl alcohol-dicyandiamide-formaldehyde slurry was required to obtain better dimensional stability and mechanical properties. A new element, represented by the element 13, which is referred to as the actinide, was recently added to the



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