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Immediate Plan

The photograph above shows the original spa-hotel as built in 1875. After being requisitioned as an hospital during the wars from 1936 to 1945, in 1947 the main building was remodelled adding two floors, a roof overhang and external rendering. The dining room was pushed out with a sloping roof extensión. Sanilles became the most prestigious hotel in the Cerdanya Valley where the Pascual family hosted upper class families and politicians from Barcelona as well and Joan Maragual a notable Catalan poet, Ernest Hemingway and also the renowned novelist Agatha Christie. The hotel was leased during the 1980’s after father and son Pascual both died in 1979.  Little is known about the Masia building which housed a farming family and their animals probably for some centuries before the hotel was built.

Before the Wars - note Chapel
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