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A not-for-profit Association was registered with the Catalunian Department of Justice in September 2019. The management of the property has now been delgated from the family company which owns the property to the Association.

The founding members are all part of the family behind the Sanilles initiative.


All visitors staying at Sanilles will be invited to become Provisional Members of the Association. Any member of the Association may enjoy the facilities even although there are several aspects in which the property does not yet conform to the requirements necessary in order to be open to the public.

The Objects of the Association are;-

A – To take advantage of the exceptional qualities of the property of Sanilles in order to provide members with therapeutic holiday facilities, particularly – but not exclusively – those suffering any kind of chronic or life threatening health problems or those wishing to find a new life orientation.

B – To encourage the sharing of holiday facilities between members on the Costa Brava or other coastal location in order to enjoy the benefits of sea bathing, sailing and relaxation for stress reduction.

C – To encourage learning of a wide variety of skills, particularly those connected with rural living including the production and conservation of healthy foods and also including survival skills.

D – To encourage enterprise initiatives and thereby creation of new employment possibilities.

E – To assist in the maintenance of the property of Sanilles, in the Cerdanya, to ensure that it continues to be a centre of peace and healing.

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